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The squad leaders held their chins while analyzing the new batch of transfers. They were in the midst of reading through everyone's profiles with their data bracelets.


After the recent events that occurred around the dimensional crack, many forces from around the world had been dispatched for constant surveyance. At the moment, the best backup manpower available in the Ark were the second year squads.


Han felt a little nervous, but decided to believe in Simon. He was just a bit more snobby and prideful, but he wasn't a coward that would back out of a deal halfway through.


Han mumbled. He had only seen the dimensional crack from photos and video clips. It leaked vibrant colours of the rainbow. The light leaked into the deep canyon crevasses of the land.


Squad Victor continued to search the next level down using the same method as the first. Corpses were displayed in all sorts of dynamic ways throughout the floor.


Han projected the hologram map of the mock battle grounds up into the air. Han explained why he had deployed his team to the designated positions and their roles.

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They were gathered into their designated class line. The children who had spent the past three weeks together looked to each other with sad eyes.


Jose tied Inspector Rue's arms. The other squad members apprehended the entourage and gathered them all into one place.


Kuro's personality was gentle by nature. He was naturally clumsy and could not fiercely change his personality. He was often called a dimwit.


Han quickly oppressed the young boy. Han had struck at his opponent's throat with the spear handle.


"It's not against the rules. Also, Han had been scored as a suitable squad leader candidate. He has the qualification to be tested."


Han thought of the fourth mock battle ground. The enemies were unfamiliar with the terrain while the second years had already long become accustomed to the forest battle field.


"It's okay. Nobody dies from starving for a week. After remaining in Ark, my body is very healthy and well balanced so I can take this much."



Greseman said as he interlocked his fingers together. Han saluted and left the room. Greseman laughed as he watched Han leave. He replayed the squad battle once again and mumbled.



"It will be good if you can land safely, however, in unexpected situations make do by landing in water or on the beach! I wish you luck young brats!" Wuxiaworld for visiting.


"There is no precedence for this situation. It was the first time a psyker ever rejected psychic energies. Do you understand what this means? Anyway, if we forced the procedure you would have died. You probably don't remember, but you were banging inside the incubator and going crazy.


Grace had started smoking again after joining Ark; she also began drinking. It was hard to cope without them.

  • He learned to find the bigger picture from small hints. Laocha would simulate a circumstance, and Han would have to deduce the situation through only a few hints.
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